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Mummy Candy Bar Treats

So cute to give to your favorite Ghosts and Gobelins!

Supplies needed:

White Crepe Paper (I found mine at the dollar tree.  I paid $1.00 for 2 rolls of it)
Black scrapbook paper or construction paper
Glue (stick or squeeze bottle-I actually used both)
Googlie Eyes ( I bought mine at the dollar tree for a $1.00.  It has 125 Googlie eyes.  It was the LAST package left. )
Full Size Hershey Chocolate Bar

Creating the *Mummy*

This is VERY simple to do!  Perfect craft for having those kiddo’s help!

Cut out a black square piece.  This does not have to be perfect and glue 2 google eyes to it.  Then glue it onto the candy bar.

I used the stick glue to place the paper onto the candy bar.  I used the squeeze glue on everything else.

Starting at the bottom on the front of the candy bar.  Glue down a piece of the crepe paper and hold it secure.  Then start wrapping your  candy bar to form your *mummy*.

My crepe paper was a little to wide for my liking.  So as I went around the candy bar, I folded it in half and it worked perfectly.  When finish tear off the crepe paper from the back of the Candy bar and glue in place!

I am going to be making up about 16 of these.  I am going to give some to the kids that ride the bus with my boys at the bus stop.  I might even make some for my kids teachers.  This took me less than 5 minutes to make.

I found this idea from The Idea Room.

~Enjoy, and have a Spooktacular Halloween!~


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