Welcome and Thanks for visiting my recipe blog.

My name is Suprina (pronouced Sue-PRE-NUH).

I am a native Oklahoman.  I really am just a simple country girl.  Both of my grandfathers were peanut farmers in Eakly and Lookeba, Oklahoma.  I am very proud to be a grand-daughter of farmers.  Both of my grandma’s were awesome cooks.  I could watch both of them for hours on end.

My Grandma Coats taught me a lot about cooking and baking. When I was little I used to sit on her counter and just ‘watch’ her every move in the kitchen.  Both of my grandma’s have passed away.  I use them as my guidance in the kitchen.

I was fortunate enough to have my grandma Coats come and visit me for a week about 5 years ago.  While she was here, we together wrote done lots of her recipes.  Recipes that inspire me.    She would want me to share them and as I get to them, I will post them.

I meet my husband Eric on New Years eve 1993 and we were married on Valentines Day of 1994.

Eric was in the Army at the time.  By the time we met he had already been in 10 years.  I have lived in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida (Miami), and Stuttgart, Germany.  My least favorite:  Florida!

Eric and I are blessed with 4 fabulous kids.  Daniel-Jacob is 14, Aimee is 13, Zachary is 10 and David is 7.  They are the reason the blog was born.  So that they can have the recipes for themselves and their families one day.

I will be posting recipes that I find on the net (I will give proper credit in the blog post itself for recipe found this way), family recipes, recipes that I create, and my grandmother’s recipes.  I will also be posting some craft idea’s and maybe some organizing/storage ideas.

Please let me know and send me pictures of any of the recipes that you create to…