Let’s Get Cookin’ Craft:  Glitter Ornaments

Something a little different for Let’s Get Cookin’.  I needed some different gifts to give this holiday season and still be on budget.  These fit the bill perfectly.  You can find the bulbs at Hobby Lobby and this week (in my area) they are 50% off!

Needed Items:

Clear Glass Bulb Ornaments (a package of 12 cost $7.99 at Hobby Lobby, I got them 50% off so wait for the sales)
Mop and Glow
Fine Glitter


Putting it together:

1. Start by taking the metal cap off the ornament.

2.  Put a good tablespoon or so of mop and glow in the ornament and gently swoosh around.  Not to fast because you don’t want the mope and glow to bubble.  Make sure the mop and glow is coated all over the inside of the bulb.

3.  Turn bulb over and let the excess mop and glow drip out.  After it has all dripped out you may want to use a Q-tip to get the excess mop and glow that stuck to the rim.

4.  Using a funnel put in your fine glitter.  And use MORE than you think you will need. Making sure to coat the whole bulb with the glitter.

5.  Pour out excess glitter and replace the cap and add ribbon and your done!

These are just some of the ones I have done….