Biscuit Donuts

It has become a Saturday morning tradition to have Biscuit donuts for breakfast.  The kids LOVE them!  The making of them goes quite fast when you have little helpers shaking the bags or adding the sprinkles.


Canned Biscuits (Do not get flaky biscuits, I use homestyle buttermilk biscuits 8 count and I use two cans)
Melted butter (about a stick or less)
Canola oil (you can use vegetable oil)
Toppings for your donuts :  Cinnamon Sugar mixture, powered sugar, or a glaze and sprinkles!


1.  Place enough oil in a skillet enough to fill it about  1/2 inch.

2. Heat the oil on medium/low heat.

3.  While the oil is heating punch holes in the center of the biscuits.  This can be done several way.  I have a Donut hole cutter.  You can also use a clean soda bottle lid.  Or do like my Grandma Coats taught me and just stretch a whole in the center.  If you do that you will not have any donut holes.

4.  When oil is ready place a few donuts at a time in the pan.  Browning on each side until golden brown.  Using tongs place on paper towels.  Repeat until all donuts and donut holes are done.

5.  Next dip each donut on each side into melted butter.  I then placed my donuts in a baggies with the cinnamon sugar mixture and shake until coated.    I also did this with the donut holes.  If you want to make different donuts.  You can toss some in powered sugar.  Or make a glaze and add sprinkles.