Simple Veggie Wrap

So Yummy and wonderfully simple


2 ounces Garlic and herb Cream Cheese
3  tablespoons  Mayo
3  tablespoons  Dijon mustard
shredded lettuce
thinly sliced veggies:  you can use tomato, and red pepper, cucumber, mushrooms,  and red onion just to name a few.
tortillas (You can also use flat-out bread)


Mix together cream cheese, mayo and Dijon until smooth.

Spread a layer of the cream cheese mixture in the middle of the tortillas.    Then layer with lettuces and whatever veggies you plan on using.  Remember to thinly slice your veggies.

Dab the ends of the tortilla with some of the cream cheese mixture.  This seals it.

Roll the tortilla tightly and cut diagonally to the size that you want your wraps.

This would be so good at a pot luck, party or get together.