Cooking or at least knowing the basics of cooking are an important part in any ones life.  Particularly, a college students or the bride-to-be. 

When I graduated High School, I received a lot of monetary gifts.  Which I think is the norm.  But now looking back I would have enjoyed receiving a ‘basic’ how to of  cooking.  For wedding gifts, I only received one Cookbook….I was 20 years old.  I could only cook a Turkey and Roast and maybe some mac and cheese.  A good Basic cookbook would have served me well….instead I received The Texas Home Cooking cook book.

And there were some ingredients that I had never heard of and didn’t possibly know where to find them.  I was so intimidated by it that I put the cookbook away….and to this day almost 15 years later.  I have still not opened that cookbook.

My recommendation for the beginner, Intermediate  or an expert at cooking (every cook can still learn new tricks and tips).

“The Kitchen Survival Guide”, by Lora Brody


I suggest this book because it is “a hand-holding kitchen primer with 130 recipes to get you started”.

PLUS, she gives great kitchen basics and backgrounds every consumer should know, via these 3 categories:

Setting up and Equipping your kitchen.
Setting up and Stocking Up
Getting Ready to Cook.

Then breaks everything down in easy to understand terms, and also covers such interesting things as:

How to read and understand a recipe.
How to roast and carve a chicken or turkey, and make Gravy!
How to set a table.
How to tell if eggs are fresh.
How to put out a kitchen fire! Now THAT is good to know!!
How to make granola.
WHY grocery lists are important.
How to substitute ingredients.
How to choose a supermarket.
How to make chicken soup just like Mom’s.
Which foods can and can’t be frozen.
How to cook a live lobster.

You can see how valuable these lessons would be to a novice cook. Plus, while many of the recipes are geared towards a youthful palate…pizzas, tacos, lasagna, fruit shakes, and the like…the book then also includes items to spark the education and appreciation of fancier fare, such as chutney dip, butterflied leg of lamb, crustless quiche, and more.

So all in all, I think it is a great first book, and it is a fun reading experience too!

Until Then….

Let’s Get Cookin’!!!!