My very FIRST post on my new recipe blog to start off the NEW YEAR!!!!
I hope you all have a Wonderful New Year ahead of you!

On this blog, I am going to be sharing a mix of things.

  • More Recipes with the pictures of the finished product.
  • Cookbook reviews.
  • Whole recipes with a ‘tutorial’ of pictures in the process of being made
  • Cooking and baking tips and tricks. (as well as household tips)
  • Cookbook recommendations (this sort of falls in line with the cookbook reviews)
  • Anything else that I can come up with to make this a fun, interactive recipe/food blog.

So stay tuned!!!  I am really excited for this because one of my favorite past times is to cook and bake.  Now, I am no chef.  I have been cooking (on my own) for 17 years.  The first 2 to 4 years was a learning experience for me.  And I am still learning.  And I do make mistakes.  But that is part of the fun of it.  Sometimes, my mistakes lead to a wonderful main meal, dessert or side dish.

I also love to bake and make cookies, chocolate suckers, and candies……those recipes are to come as well.  And if you have any suggestions for the blog.  Please let me know in a comment!  Have I mentioned that I love receiving comments!???

Tomorrow, my blog post will be about the right cookbooks to give bacholers, bachelorettes,college students, anyone learning how to cook.

Until Then…

Let’s Get Cookin’!!!!